This installation consists of the following elements: a tremendously large dictionary (which has been hollowed out and filled with glass marbles) sitting open in the middle of a four-walled structure built of weathered driftwood planks. A video of ocean waves is projected onto the floor space within the structure. Physically pleasing with elegance of materials.

Visually and conceptually compelling piece, yet ambiguous. Its meaning is difficult to land, which in itself is one way of understanding the idea of utopia. The philosophical implications of a prototype for a more utopic ideal only dawned on me after the completion of the project. Reality could be considered a perpetual prototype for utopia itself, always unreachable. 

Utopia is a prototype for a larger project - see final slide. The idea behind the larger project is to illustrate a literal "think-tank" which is a wooden room without doors, only windows. The room has a lid made of a glass tank filled with water through which light shines. The rays of light through the movement of the water create an effect on the floor. The dictionary filled with marbles sits on a table inside the room.

Calling this work a prototype